Our organization competencies come from our years in business, services provided to customers, our partnerships, and employees. Our 800+ employees with their independent career experiences further add to the organization competencies making it both broad and deep at the same time.
Digital Marketing Competencies

We have deep domain expertise in digital marketing across search and social platforms. We have experience in managing over $20 million worth of advertising spend over the last few years across multiple channels including

Software Development Competencies

We have several years of experience in developing software projects for our internal and customer needs. This positions us favorably with respect to delivery and quality. We predominantly work in the following technologies

Open Source Platform Competencies

Our in house technology team has actively been involved with software development, managed services and has developed expertise in several open source platforms. Core open source technology skills include

Proprietary Technology Competencies

We use several proprietary technology platforms in house for our own business execution. Our infrastructure management team has been built over the last decades with capabilities to manage and operate following technology platforms.

Technical Support Competencies

GuruAid.com which a subscription based technical support service provided to consumers in the comfort of their homes globally includes support for the following brands on computers, tablets and mobile devices. The service is expanding to include other connected devices such as TV, Media players etc.

IoT Support Competencies

We are relatively new in the IoT domain. Being a focused technical support organization we are gradually adding support knowledge and domain experience for the Internet of Things used to deliver – Smart Home & Business Security, Energy Management, Connected Health and Connected Convenience. Competencies developed or on the road map span the following